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Recent Clients

  • ITV Studios
    • Project Manager for building move project - Production Systems Migration
  • Ericsson /  Red Bee Media - Access Services
    • Project Manager for New Facility build of Visual Signing Green-Screen Studios
    • Solutions Architect / Project Manager for desgn and implmenetation of File-Based Workflows
  • Ericsson /  Red Bee Media - Technology Projects
    • Solutions Architect for Post-Production workflows and systems integration
  • Arqiva Satellite and Media - Playout and Media Services
    • New Automation System  - design, spec and deployment
    • Support for Channel Launches
    • Migration to new complex graphics - Vertigo & Clarity
    • Workflow and Metadata systems
  • BBC MPI (Major Projects Infrastructure)
    • Part of W1 (NBH) and Salford (Media City) build teams for BBC News Studios, Editing and and Post Production
    • Build and relocation of The One Show to new studio facility
    • Project representative for InfoSec
  • TVT Ltd
    • Network build and refresh
    • Part of build team of new facility
    • Facility expansion
    • LTO Archive

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